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Product / Service: Portraits

Project: Zola in the Park

I must say this was one of the best shots of 2017. Zola was a great subject; full of life and smiles. We all had a fun time at Shelter Gardens. We came up with a lot of ideas; she herself came up with FLOWER from the photos on the left. Her session was only an hour and a half but we got some great photos.  These are just a few.

We love to shoot sports events this is one of our favorites The Missouri State Motocross Championship Series we have been doing this one for the past 4 seasons and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.  We love the riders and how the whole thing is a big family event.


We also cover the Downtown Optimus Clubs Mid Missouris Soap Box Derby race. Held every year on one of the main streets of Columbia. This too is a major event here in our town. It is an all-day event taking place on Broadway & 7th street.